(out_line) - Bowling Harbour Residency.

Next week i’ll be taking up residence with fellow artist and collaborator Rosaleigh Harvey-Otway in Arch 8 at The Bowling Harbour Project. My aim while there is to create work that considers the distance between departure and arrival, the mirroring of these between a physical and psychological journey or voyage; cognitive cartography.

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I’m looking forward to discovering the actual arch space, as well as the surrounding area (including Loch Lomond and the Trossachs). I cannot wait to research, respond to and make work inspired by Scotland’s beautiful landscape. Should you wish to join the journey, share the landscape and follow my progress please find me on Instagram.

While in residence, we’ll be running a small monoprinting workshop, inviting anyone from Bowling, Dumbarton or the surrounding area to join us and collaborate in making a collective work documenting journeys made as individuals, and as a community. Please do join if you are in the area!


At the end of our short stay we’ll open up the studio for a small exhibition of some selected works made during our residency. Again, please do join us for that on the 8/9th of December at

Arch 8,

Bowling Harbour



G60 5AQ