Horizons comprises two pieces, designed to work in tandem or alone to discuss how human understanding is inevitably shaped by location, that perspective is not fixed, and how individual horizons change when confronted with new territory, whether physical or intellectual.

The first piece is a video designed for large scale projection to illustrate the flow of changing horizons, a study of both the close and distant present, an attempt to make sense of the multiplicity of possible futures. The sea acts as a mirror - we stare out to see our own attempt at translating the horizons that have shaped us - psychological insight constantly shifting and changing, always at the threshold of awareness.


The second piece is interactive, and offers an opportunity to visually reorganise and shift perceived horizons alone, a kind of physical rearrangement designed to enable subconscious reshuffling. 

The piece is constructed using a mixture of fabrics, including taffeta and an eco fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, with metal poles for structure, and sand gathered from the nearest beach for weight.