'Space to Be Someone Else' is a silent narrative of a meditation on the concepts of autonomy and authenticity and whether they can be reconciled within the wider world.

Created within a very confined space over a period of several hours, this series of photographs is at once a mirroring of internal and external space, a rebellion against a perceived oppression of autonomy and the journey of an identity in progress.

This work is inspired by Heidegger's concept of 'Dasein' (being-there); the idea that a person's sense of self is relational, with an openness to the world, constantly projecting forward in time.

to fall // to disperse // to negate negation // to reject objectification // to take a stand // to leave the cave and discover the sun // to watch the light play on the surface of your self // to forget // to inhabit alterity // to be constantly unfolding // to become what one is // to be in time.