/*con - Exhibition

A collaborative curation with Rosaleigh Harvey-Otway



Exchanging through osmosis, generating and sharing in a forever loop, a new symbiotic nexus. This organism floats innocuously on the current, yet s t r e t c h e s deep beneath the surface. An intangible tangle of rhizomatic connections, mutual exchange and soft membranes, each creature inextricably linked to another then another then


<<<<<<< complex networks of interconnecting lines, it is the space in-between >>>>>>>



/* con- 



An exhibition of international artists, /*con- explores the potentials of art making as a tool for questioning existing societal structures and methods of being.

This show examines the function of systems in both the natural and man-made world, and offers alternatives based upon interconnectivity. 




How might we utilise the ecosystems and methods of survival in nature so frequently mimicked by algorithms and computation to build alternative systems of being and perceiving the world which surrounds us?

What role can temporal and spatial explorations play in allowing us to reexamine existing ideologies and ask questions around concatenation? 

Might data streams and hacking function as line of inquiry into this discussion?




Hosted by Minutes Exchange, a social enterprise rethinking societal and financial structures, 

/*con- is underpinned by a desire to deconstruct typical methods of interaction, re-examine /*con-versation and pursue a new kind of hermeneutics. 




lux obscura

lux obscura is a collaborative installation between myself and fellow artist Alexandra Carr at The Mortuary Chapel in Ushaw College.

Given my never fading interest in Goethe (particularly, in this case, his Theory of Colours) and Alex's involvement in The Ordered Universe Project inspired by some of the interdisciplinary readings of the scientific works of Robert Grosseteste, we could not help but choose light as our source material.

Our aim was to combine our mutual interest in light and its inconstant, transient nature; exploring refraction, reflection, shadows and produce an installation designed for the architecture of such a uniquely atmospheric space.

During a week we researched, filmed and edited footage of light in its various playful forms...

Experimented with different materials in the chapel...

We spent hours considering the best way to work with the space before deciding to each set up our chosen videos at differing, and yet not opposing angles, to project the light through the layers of netting we had set up, as well as reflect upwards to the ceiling to create truly ghost-like ephemeral flashes of light and shadow in the Mortuary chapel.

The finished result is in the video below: