Rosie Reed Gold is a multimedia artist fascinated in the landscape of the psychological whose work inhabits the margins bridging the conscious and subconscious, where the waking mind may catch a fleeting glimpse of the shadow self to engage in a dialogue, frequently without words - the moment where integration is possible. 

Dedicated to asking questions about the notion of ‘self’ and ‘other’, she explores the dynamic between Freud’s conception of the interplay between the id, ego, superego and Jung’s personal and collective unconscious; how living beings create their own mythologies, share time/space though physical mirroring, verbal and nonverbal interactions.

My work is often process based and seeks to investigate and describe the distance between thought and action, environment and behaviour, inquiry and understanding.



  • Wood For The Trees in ‘We Grow Into The Forest’ at Mile End Art Pavilion, London - March 2019 (upcoming)

  • (out_line) at Arch 8, Bowling, Scotland - December 2018

  • Murmuration at I.C.E Gallery, Bath - June 2018

  • Perspicua at Pembroke JCR Art Gallery, Oxford - April 2018

  • Space To Be Someone Else + Assemblage at '/*con -' exhibition, Min-Ex, London - March 2018

  • Perspicua at eLuminate, Cambridge - February 2018

  • Lux Obscura at Ushaw College, Durham UK - August 2017

  • Horizons in group show 'In Transit' at The Old Parcels Office, Scarborough 17th February - 17th March 2017

  • Murmuration of Folk at Cecil Sharp House Retrospective 15 June - 2 October 2016

  • Murmuration of Folk (Solo Show) at Cecil Sharp House, London, UK – June – August 2015

  • The Other Art Fair – Victoria House, UK – April 2015

  • Still Is Still Moving in group exhibition ‘Structures’ in Seydisfjordur, Iceland - August 2014

  • Wood For The Trees - Taylor St Baristas Canary Wharf, London, UK - Feb 2014


  • Arch 8 - Bowling, Scotland - December 2018

  • Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, Cecil Sharp House, London - May 2015

  • Bagnols-en Forêt, France - July 2014


Current projects:

The Ordered Universe - A project bringing together natural scientists, social scientists and arts and humanities scholars, integrating the conceptual tools of modern science with the textual methods of the humanities to explore the richness of Robert Grosseteste’s thought. Each team member contributes to editions, translations, analyses and presentations. In so doing, we are pioneering new ways of working across and between our disciplines. Trusting one another, and learning to learn from the past have presented creative demands. We have challenged academic and public preconceptions regarding the value of past science as ‘irrelevant’. To the contrary: the team has published new science (on rainbows, colour and cosmology) inspired by engaging with another thinker from eight centuries ago.

assemblage - A series of hand drawn maps exploring what Deleuze names an 'image of thought' that apprehends multiplicities.

attendant - An unending work inspired by Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting For Godot’ to create an immersive atmosphere of being in limbo, depicting the physical weight, landscape and scale of waiting. Using repetitive writing, pieces include durational 2D drawings, video and sound.

departure - An installation work involving multiple boat-like sculptures inspired by Joseph Conrad’s ‘The Mirror and the Sea’ made while in residence at Bowling Harbour, Scotland.

envelop(e) - A series of paper sculptures created by wrapping rocks selected on a journey hiking Ben Arthur. The process of enveloping the rocks creates a dimensional interplay. While the paper folds and crushes itself in an embrace around the hard, immovable surface of the rock, it, in turn gives structure to the paper, shaping its flat surface into a new 3 dimensional configuration.


/*con -

Co-curated with Rosaleigh Harvey-Otway, /*con- was a group exhibition in March 2018 of international artists which explored the potentials of art making as a tool for questioning existing societal structures, examining the function of systems in both the natural and man-made world, and offering alternatives based upon interconnectivity. 

Hosted by Minutes Exchange - a social enterprise rethinking societal and financial structures, /*con- was underpinned by a desire to deconstruct typical methods of interaction, re-examine /*con-versation and pursue a new kind of hermeneutics. 


“Between light and illumination; metaphysical investigations with a camera.” - Paper delivered for The Ordered Universe ‘Science, Imagination and Wonder: Robert Grosseteste and His Legacy’ conference at Pembroke College, Oxford - April 2018.


materiality - a collaboration with Ordered Universe member Nicola Polloni discussing three different interpretations of materiality - (upcoming)

(out_line) - collaborative residency and exhibition with Rosaleigh Harvey-Otway at Arch 8 in Bowling, Scotland - December 2018

/*con - co-curated exhibition with Rosaleigh Harvey Otway at Minex, London - March 2018

Lux Obscura - installation designed with Alexandra Carr at Ushaw College, Durham - August 2017

about me // about you // about everyone // about the humdrum // about time // about not toeing the line // about the rising of the light // about hindsight // about face // about relative space // about now and then // about when // about lighting the fire, or putting it out // about surviving without // about self deception // about contradiction // about to realise // about unintentional disguise // about turn // about to learn