A tentacled sea creature - it survives on memories - spending eternity grasping empty handed at the collective consciousness of its fluctuating surroundings,  r - e - a - c - h - i - n - g  to feed on a glimpse of history and in so doing, creates its own present.

This work discusses temporal consciousness, occupying the liminal space between past and future. It attempts to document an ever changing present, to create a photograph without a camera, to challenge the concept of memory as a reliable constant.

Using a glass mono-printing technique, the pane of glass transcends time; it has a present state of being, as well as inevitably retaining some of the information from the last (past) print, and at the same time it projects forward into the future what the next print (once the paper is applied) will be. Yet it does not have control over the future, it can only infer what will inevitably be an inaccurate reflection.

And now // and now // and now // and fractured come the years // and episodic flutters of your childhood filter down // and the sea bed takes all that slips through the net, saving them for a later present // and inter alia all your yesterdays will live again // and still is still moving // and self-reflexivity will not save you // and accurate misrepresentation is inevitable // and who’s to know when you are now //and now // and now...?